Connecting the Puzzle, LLC provides a wide variety of services, in natural environment (i.e. home, school or preschool, public place, etc), to meet a family’s individual needs. Our programs focus on academics, language development, social and behavioral skills, self-care and independent living skills and other needs of a family.
Parent Support
Parent training and consultation
School observations and assisting with development of IEP
Training teachers and aids at the school
Toilet training
Feeding issues
Acquisition programs
Treatment is based on functional assessment, additional information (including, IEP, speech-language evaluation, psychological evaluation, etc.,) and family input. Each child’s program is designed around a broad curriculum and geared to their individual needs.  We implement different methods: Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Shaping and Chaining, Functional Routines, Pivotal Response Training (PRT), Naturalistic Learning, TECCH, etc.
Home – Based ABA Therapy
Social Skills Intervention (individual and group)
Behavior Reduction Programs
A Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) will be conducted to identify the function or purpose of specific behavior. A Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP) will be developed to reduce maladaptive behaviors and teach replacement skills. Once the plan has been written, we provide assistance and training to insure an accurate, consistent and successful implementation.
Self-injurious behaviors
Communication/Assertiveness Skills
Property Destruction
Stereotyped Behaviors